Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whose Fantasy is This?

I have THREE fantasy football teams. That's just stupid. Football's not even my favorite sport...which makes me un-American. But having a stupid amount of fantasy football teams kind of makes up for my clear lack of patriotism. In fact, the stupid amount of time I have to devote to my stupid number of teams would probably prove an alibi of I were falsely accused of a crime.

Don't get me wrong. I like football. And I like World of Warcraft. But NFL+WoW != Fantasy Football. I don't think NFL+WoW exists, except maybe NFL+Wow=NFL, since playing professional football is probably the fantasy of everyone who plays professional football, don't you think? I would hope so. It's an awful lot of pain to endure if it's not your #1 fantasy job.

I guess it's nice that enough people feel at least close enough to me to easily bear the time it takes to receive my 40 bucks in the mail, see my avatar and "funny" team name on their 15" laptop monitor once or twice a week, and 3-4 times a season exchange a friendly, 2-line "smackdown," that I find myself in 3 leagues with as many as 20, at-least-that-close, friends. Hard to keep my ego from getting inflated.

(Happy Birthday)


Blogger T said...

no... you would be un-American if you didn't like baseball... GO RED SOX !!

1:36 AM  

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