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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A little Research on Web Hosts

Okay, if you want to get lost, try to research web hosts. What you'll start to think pretty quickly, is that EVERY web host sucks...annnd is totally awesome.

The problem is context - at least that's what I think. When you're perusing a site like, you often aren't clear what the posters are actually using their webhost for. Of course, sometimes you do - people who have been doing this for a while are very clear about it.

Anyway, I've been with for around three years -they're super-cheap (5.99 registrations!), you can call them on the phone (!), and they keep their php packages very up to date.

The problem comes with my obsession. 1and1 doesn't support RoR. People (from what I've read) have hosted RoR sites there, but not without a llllot of effort. So I started looking for a cheap host with RoR support right out of the box - cuz, as previously noted? Not really a developer (yet).

So, I turn up - it's ever so slightly more expensive than 1and1 (and they don't do registrations - weird), but man alive, what a package!

It's pretty cheap, but I still hate to waste money (although I feel like I do - constantly), so I start to do some research. What I discover is it's like quantum physics - if you look for bad reviews, that's all you find, and if you look for good reviews, you'll think site5, 1and1, even dreamhost or lunarpages, are all great.

Why is this? Like I said, I think it's context - after reading a lot of negative reviews of all of the above and any of a number of other low-price, reseller-type hosts, I started to realize that if you push any 9.95/month webhost to the edge, you will quickly discover that you're paying very very little for your hosting, and for that, you are paying a price.

But - and this is hypothesis - you're like me, and host a few sites for some low bandwith folk and maybe an unknown blog here and there, well, then you'll probably be just fine.

That's the theory anyway, and I just forked the dough over to and I'm asking them to prove me right.


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