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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Installation Blues

So although I forked over the dough for my not-so-fancy if you're somebody fancier than me, but very fancy for me, webhost - site5 - I thought to start I should try to install RoR locally, on my OS X box.

Running the latest Tiger in my tank, it seemed it would be no problem, plus I promised to read the directions quietly to myself before jumping ahead. The man, indeed the legend, at Hivelogic has written a super-clear, easy-to-follow "Golden Path" installation, that even a new born babe could use.

Uhhh...I don't know what I did wrong. I am CERTAIN it's user error, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why I can't get Rubygems, the awesomely radical ruby package installer to run. Crumbuns. It HAS to be that I set my path wrong, but I have stared and stared and stared - back and forth, back and forth...

Never fear - Locomotive to the rescue! It's one-stop shop for getting Rails installed locally with no muss or fuss. And it works! I downloaded, installed the app, created a dummy "webapp" , and now when I go to localhost:3000, I get a page that says "Welcome aboard - You’re riding the Rails!

Still, I kind of feel like a wuss.


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